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Shudh-Labh Solutions, founded in 2014, is the fast-growing waste management organization based in Bangalore, India. The entity aims at decentralizing - sorting, collecting and recycling - all types of domestic waste. As the name suggests, the overall goal is to implement innovative recycle options for increasing profit. Thereby, upcycling dry waste and enhancing the value recovery from waste.

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Aerobic Digester - Robust Cutting-edge Technology based Solutions to Waste

Aerobic Digester - Reviving the Energy of Our Mother Earth using Food Waste worth Rs. 50,000 Crore Every Year...

End-to-End Waste Management Services to Bulk Generators

Shudh-Labh focuses on providing a complete array of waste management solutions to the urban communities...

Consultation, Installation & Training for In-House Waste Management

The team from Shudh-Labh installs the aerobic digester at your premises. The professionals will come, inspect and help...

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