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Shudh-Labh Solutions, founded in 2014, is a growing waste management tech firm based in Bangalore, India. We aim at developing economically viable tech for handling and processing all types of domestic waste. As the name suggests, the overall goal is to offer innovative recycling tech for increasing overall community impact. We are focused on upcycling dry waste and enhancing value recovery from waste.

Shudh-Labh literally means ‘pristine profits’. As different from ‘pure profits’, we mean profits earned from helping keep the environment pure and pristine, restoring its vitality to support all forms of life.  This is a higher goal that we are working towards. By helping communities own up the waste that they generate and take responsibility for their safe and productive disposal, we are fostering environmental consciousness. As communities start taking ownership, even if owing to statutory requirements, the overall quality of life improves for the  community as well as its immediate neighborhood. For a cleaner tomorrow that all of us will share

What We Do

End-to-End Waste Management Services to Bulk Generators

A range of waste management solutions for urban communities...


developing affordable waste management tech

We have developed economical and easy-to-maintain Composters, waste segregators and compactors

Turnkey Services For In-House Waste Management

We help residential clusters, flats, hotels & restaurants, and other large waste generators.....

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Decentralized Collecting, Sorting  and Recycling Of Household Waste

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