What Is Aerobic Composting?

Food waste, i.e, kitchen waste, vegetable peels, leaves and related ingredients,  are usually wet. When air is used to process this food waste, we get organic compost  as the final product. This organic compost improves crop yields without using any chemical substances, and at the same time reduces carbon footprint.

How Does The Aerobic Digester Help In Generating Aerobic Compost?

An Aerobic Digester converts organic food waste into compost,  using air.  It helps in locking the carbon in the soil, convert the waste into a reusable resource, as organic compost.

Reviving the Energy of Our Mother Earth, Using Food Waste worth Rs. 50,000 Crore Every Year

A statistical report in CSR Journal states that approximately 40% of food is wasted in India. The initiatives from BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) like government administrative bodies on waste management and converting the same into renewable, climate-friendly energy is slowly evolving in India.

Our earth has been heavily spoilt by using chemical-based fertilizers for a long time now. It is our responsibility to protect it for the healthy living of the current and future generations. Using organic compost which is generated through Aerobic Composting is the best solution available to revive our earth, restore soil capacity and grow more agricultural produce.

Shudh-Labh has the technology and skills to make it happen. We are serving residential communities in Bangalore by advocating and installing our ‘Aerobic Digester’ to convert food waste into organic compost, right at source

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Our Range of Aerobic Composters

Shudh-Labh offers aerobic composters in various capacities and construction. They are available for flats with 7-10  households, to large residential clusters, industrial bulk waste generators etc.
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