Bulk Generator

The apartment complexes, hotels, gated communities, commercial properties are popularly known as bulk generators in the waste recycling and upscaling Industry.

BBMP is currently considering 50% garbage cess rebate for bulk generators if they install in-house waste handling systems and comply with the waste management policies. Once the decision is taken and announced, it will hugely benefit the bulk generators in saving cost. Shudh-Labh aids in establishing the products for bulk generators and train the in-house staff to segregate, process and make compost from the collected waste.

The waste management process flows as below

The bulk generators can improve their value recovery from scrap with the guidance from Shubh-Labh.

Focus Areas

Shudh-Labh is focusing on these three core areas of waste management.

The vegetable peel, vegetables, flowers, fruits, cooked and uncooked food waste and all other wastes that are wet fall under the 1st category of wet waste. The diaper, sanitary napkins, dirty water, hazardous liquids fall under the 2nd category. Shudh-Labh aids in helping the bulk generators to process the first category wet waste by guiding, installing the technology product and end to end management at generation point. Also, the team helps in safely discarding and managing the second category wet waste.

Shubh-Labh currently manages 10+ bulk generators comprising more than 3500 apartment units.

Shudh-Labh helps in installing the tools, technology advise and equipment for segregation, sorting, cleaning the saleable wet and dry waste. The team ensures cost-effective and sustainable solutions for in-house operations. We also help saleable waste management process by supplying technology and workforce either directly or through partners.

The biodegradable substances such as food waste, flowers, leaves, fruits, cotton and wool based products, animal waste/meat, human waste, wooden products, certain goods made from natural resources like paper, soaps, detergents, natural rubber, latex gloves, etc., come under saleable waste.

The non-biodegradable products such as glass, aluminum, plastic, metal, and Styrofoam need to be handled carefully to avoid dangerous scenarios.

Shudh-Labh is currently working on developing efficient technology products and services in collecting, sorting, cleaning and converting the non-saleable or reject waste management to achieve value recovery.

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