Plastic Waste - to - sheet Converter [ Compression Moulding Machine]

Very often, a lot of non-recyclable plastic waste gets burnt, fouling the air with noxious gases. Or, find their way to landfills that choke cities, polluting earth and water sources slowly. Our Compression Moulding Machine solves this effectively and economically, by helping convert them to  plain sheets.

This machine can convert LDPE and metal-coated plastics [LDPE] to valuable sheets. We can also make ‘fiberglass’ sheets, using  fine threads or even cotton rags for reinforcement. Sheets can be produced in 1 – 5 mm thickness and find use in various industrial applications. These sheets can also be used for roofing, making room partitions etc. for affordable construction.

Ideal for large communities, such as apartment complexes and gated communities. It does not just help solve a huge issue, but also produces a thing of economic value. It can be operated by unskilled workers.

Concept Drawing

SortAssist - A Low cost Conveyor For Sorting Dry Domestic Waste

Conveyor in Action

This is a 6 metre-long, 1 metre-wide washable conveyor for unsorted dry waste, for use at waste processing centres. Powered by a low-power, low-cost motor, it has got a modular design which facilitates replacement. Bins are provided on either side of the conveyor to receive sorted waste. 

Large communities such as apartment complexes, gated communities etc. will find it useful for sorting waste at source.