FRP ( Fiber Reinforced Plastic) Bulk Composters from Shudh-Labh

Shudh-Labh makes organic solid waste composters in 5 Kg, 35 Kg and 50 Kg capacities. Both open and covered models are available.  The composters need a hard floor for installation, such as the terrace. Each composter needs approx. 150 sq. ft space. The fully-loaded 35/50 Kg composters will weigh around 2 – 2.5 MT.  The covered models can be safely placed in the rain.

The 25-50 Kg composters are suitable for larger communities, nurseries, restaurants, resorts, hotels, eateries, malls, institutional canteens, farms, larger terrace gardens and those with substantial garden spaces. 

 Waste has to be loaded everyday in ‘layers’, across the area of the composter.. Organic waste loses about 40-50% of its weight and volume in one day, before the next layer will be placed on it. At the end of each composting cycle, we can expect around 25% of the input waste as compost.  Which means that, for every 100Kgs of food/organic waste  processed, we would get about 25 Kgs of compost.  The first batch of compost can be tapped out in eight weeks and then daily. The compost can be used in the local garden, potted plants etc.

Our experience has been that a typical household in cities such as Bangalore and Chennai generates between 600 and 700 gms of food waste every day.  

FRP Composter

Stainless Steel (SS) Bulk Composters from Shudh-Labh

SS Composters offer a longer service life than those made of FRP and need much less attention. These are available in 50 and 35 Kg/Day capacities.  These are functionally simillar to the FRP versions and work on exactly the same principle.

Made out of quality Stainless Steel, these offer better aesthetics and are rust-free. SS offers better build and finish quality. Standard model is open-top, though a lid can be provided optionally. 

Drum Composters for Small Flats [ 7-10 units ]


These Composters made from used oil drums are themselves examples for re-use. Very simple construction, they need very little space somewhere in the backyard. The installation will be approx. four feet tall. These can give you 5 kg of compost/day once they become ready for tapping. An easy-to-use tapping window has been provided.

This model is ideal for small flats with 7-10 units. Such flats have challenges with disposal of organic waste in time, as municipal waste collection may not be very reliable and there may not be adequate space for keeping waste for disposal. Our Drum Composter solves this problem very well, as residents only need to dump daily waste in the drum. 

Why do we use industrial oil drums? Most importantly, they last longer than chemical drums because of thicker plastic. Secondly, they are far cheaper than brand-new drums. 



5 Kg drum