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Shudh-Labh Solutions is a Bangalore based rapidly expanding waste management technology company. Presently, we assist 60+ clients, including bulk waste generators such as apartments, gated communities, hotels, educational institutions, tech parks, corporations, and industries, in turning food waste into organic compost utilising our pioneering decentralised community level Aerobic Composter.

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Minimizing the financial
and environmental impacts
of your waste

We provide a total waste management service for the reduction, reuse, recycling, recovery and disposal of waste.


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We Have Decades of Experience in Disposal Service

Ramanan Natarajan

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Industries We Serve

We have customised solutions for apartments and communities, malls, restaurants, and factories to meet their domestic waste disposal needs and assist them in achieving their green ambitions and being an ecologically responsible community.

Apartments and Communities

Malls & Restaurant

Small and Medium size Industries

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Featured Projects

We are proud of our reputation for quality. The fact that we make a difference for our clients is truly satisfying.

Adarsh Palm Retreat apartments, Bellandur
Adarsh Palm Retreat apartments, Bellandur
Trident Automobiles
Trident Automobiles
Sandeep Vihar Apartments, Kannamangala
Sandeep Vihar Apartments, Kannamangala
Sovereign Park, Basavanagudi
Sovereign Park, Basavanagudi
Artisane Forest Breeze, JP Nagar
Artisane Forest Breeze, JP Nagar
Mantri Splendor, Hennur
Mantri Splendor, Hennur
Brigade Millenium, JP Nagar
Brigade Millenium, JP Nagar
Aurbis Tech Park, Bellandur
Classic Orchards, Hulimavu
Classic Orchards, Hulimavu

Benefits of our System

Cost Effective

The cost of our aerobic composters is one of lowest in the market

Easy Maintenance

Maintenance is very simple and can be done by anyone using readily available parts.

Proven Technology

The design has been tested and implemented in over 60 locations in Bangalore and 5 in Chennai.

Simple & Effective

Process is very simple and does not need skilled labour

Great Result

The output is very good compost that can be used in the garden, flower pots and in farms.


Compliance with Municipal regulations

About Our Product & Service

Capacity based on wet waste generation.

5Kgs per day =>  8 – 10 Household community

50 Kgs per day => 80 – 100 Household Community

35Kgs per day => 50 – 70 Household Community

25Kgs per day => 40 – 50 Household Community

Product Sizes

1.5m x 2m x 1m – can handle upto 50Kgs / day – 80 to 100 Household community

1m x 2m x 1m – can handle upto 35 Kgs/ day – 50 to 70 Household Community

.75m x 2m x 1m – Can handle upto 25Kgs/day – 40 to 50 Household Community

220L Blue Drum – can handle 4-5Kgs/ day – 8 to 10 Household Community

All these are modular units and we can install multiple units to cater to the wet waste quantity generated within the community.

Each Composter can accommodate waste generated from around80 houses every day until 8 weeks before extracting 1st batch of manure.

Basic Requirements

  • The space required for installation would need about 100-150 Sqfeet of space each.
  • The floor must be solid and able to withstand the full load of the composter – around 2-2.5Tonnes/composter in the 35Kgs/day and 50Kgs/day ones.
  • IF shed is not available, we can provide composters with rain-proof lid.
  • Proper ventilation and airflow is important
What They Say

We Are Trusted by Over 100+ Clients

Over the years we’ve been busy building our reputation as being one of the best waste management companies in the Bangalore & Other Neighboring states.

The Shudh-Labh Company have shown their utmost commitment in providing a 5 star service both to our Apartment and office .I would highly recommend The Shudh-Labh for A-Z Waste Management Service.



    We have been working with The Shudh-Labh since the beginning of 2018 with regard to our waste disposal. We have found the company to be very efficient and friendly. Their turnaround time for skip collection and delivery has been excellent. We have no doubts that we will continue to use The Shudh-Labh for future projects.

      Vishal Shekar
      Vishal Shekar


      Why US

      Best Waste Management company in bangalore

      Because of our superior technology and services in monitoring, gathering, recycling, and disposing of domestic houosehold waste that keep your spaces clean and benefit the environment, we are quickly becoming India’s top waste management firm.

      Please get in touch with us if you need efficient waste management solutions in Bangalore, Tamil Nadu, or Kerala.


      Residences & Apartments

      Shudh-Labh is the best Waste Management Service provider in Bangalore for Apartments and Residences. Shudh-Labh’s Waste Management Solution can help the society in many ways. 


      Tech parks & Industries

      From Many Years multiple Tech Parks and Industries are taking our office waste management Service. We are the preferred partner for Office waste management in Bangalore.


      Hotels & Institutions

      Shudh-Labh is the Best Waste Management and waste disposal service provider in Bangalore for Restaurants and Hotels.

      We are also highlighted for other services such as :

      1. Promoting Community Composting in Bangalore.
      2. By using compost bins in Bangalore, either at your location – in-situ composting.
      3. Shudh-Labh has been empanelled with the BBMP to handle solid waste efficiently.
      4. Food waste control using cutting-edge waste management technology.
      5. Solutions for decentralised wet waste and solid waste management.

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